NICHE is the naturopatic-focused medical center in the heart of Bangkok, offering comprehensive naturopathic medicine & wellness services.

NICHE is founded by Dr. Nichamon Samantarat, the first US-licensed naturopathic doctor of Thailand, in collaboration with other anti-aging physicians and integrative medicine physicians.

At NICHE, we believe every patient is unique, especially at the biological level.

Therefore, we focus on identifying the underlying causes of illness and offering personalized treatments using effective, research-based natural therapies.

NICHE is your place to become well, naturally.


Naturophatic Medicine

Because we want you to get well, with natural medicine.

Specialty Labs & Check-up

Because your blood can give you the missing clue of your illness.

IV Drip Therapy

Because your body needs extra boost of vitamins & nutrients sometime.

Heavy Metal Detox

Because your body is not designed to store & metabolize toxins.

Sports Medicine

Because we want to help recovery and prevention from sports injury.

Genetic Testings

Because your DNA tells you the risks of developing diseases.

Ortho PRP Therapy

Because growth factors in PRP help repairing joints & tissues.

OrganoPeptide Therapy

Because OPT provided peptides to repair cells

of specific organs.