6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine


F I R S T ,  D O  N O  H A R M

We use the least invasive, yet the most effective treatment.

We utilize the least invasive therapies that are proven to be effective.


T H E  H E A L I N G  P O W E R  O F  N A T U R E

We believe in the body's ability to heal itself.


T R E A T  T H E  C A U S E S

We look beyond the symptoms and identify the root causes of your health problems.


T H E  D O C T O R  A S  T E A C H E R

We educate you about your own health, so you will have a clear picture of what is going on in your body.


T R E A T  T H E  W H O L E  P E R S O N

Everyone is unique and our goal is to integrate your physical, mental, and emotional aspects together.



Prevention is the best cure.

What is ND?

Naturopathic Doctor

The doctor who focus on identifying the underlying causes of disease & uses research-based natural therapies to treat.


Natural therapies includes:

-Natural Supplements ( Vitamin, Minerals, Amino acids)

-Botanical Medicine

-Clinical Nutrition & IV Nutritional Therapy

-Hormone Therapy

-Lifestyle Modifications (Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress)

-Physical Medicine & Hydrotherapy

-Mind-Body Medicine


ND spend an average of 8-10 years on university level education

  • 4 years : Bachelor Degree of Pre-Medicine

  • 4-6 years: Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine, Only 7 accredited schools in USA and Canada.

  • 4,100 hours of clinical training & 1,300 hours with patients

  • Neplex step I and step II Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations

  • Stage I Licensure to practice ND renew every 2 years

  • 60 credit hours continuing education every 2 years

4 Reasons why ND maybe right for you

  • If you want doctor who spending time talking to you : ND spends up to an hour at the first visit to understand the genetic, environmental & lifestyle factors that can affect your health.

  • If you want to treat root cause of illness, not just symptom: ND focuses on finding the underlying causes to plan effective treatment that uniquely tailored to you & your health goals

  • If you prefer natural & non-invasive treatment: ND provides a combination of therapies to promote your body’ healing ability.ND ensures your current medications have no drug interactions with natural supplements & therapies.

  • If you want to be healthy as a whole & a long term: ND plans beyond just supplements, ND also plans on your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, emotional, social, lifestyle, & mindfulness that are better for you in a long term.