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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ND?

The doctor who focuses on identifying the underliying causes of disease & uses research-based natural therapies to treat. Natural therapies include: - Natural supplements(vitamins, minerals, amino acids) - Botanical Medicine - Clinical Nutrition & IV Nutritional Therapy - Hormone Theraphy - Lifestyle Modifications(diet, exercises, sleep, stress) - Physical Medicine & Hidrotherapy - Mind-Body Medicine

Why ND could be right for me?

1 - ND spends up to an hour at the first visit to understand the genetic, environmental, & lifestyle factors that can affect your health. 2 - ND focuses on finding the underlining causes to plan effective treatments that uniquely tailored to you & your health goals. 3 - ND provides a combination of therapies to promote your body's healing ability. ND ensures your current medications have no drug interactions with natural supplements & therapies. 4 - ND plans beyond just supplements, ND also plans on your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, emotional, social, lifestyle, & mindfulness, that are better for you in a long term.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call NICHE Natural Health at +66-86-812-8888 or email at info@nichehealth.org to make an appointment.

What to bring at first appointment?

Please bring your medical records, lab, imaging, and physical exam results with you, especially the latest ones. If you are taking any medications or supplements, please bring them to your first visit.

What to expect during ND visit?

We will spend 45-60 minutes together on your first visit to get to know you as much as possible. I will review your medical history and wellness concerns comprehensively, as well as helping you identifying your health goals, both short and long terms. The treatment plan will be completely individualized to address your health concerns and to achieve your wellness goals. My goal as a doctor is to assist you to create sustainable changes that lead to long-lasting results.